CESO has a multi-disciplined staff specializing in the areas of environmental science, ecology, biology, botany, forest resources and soil science to name a few. Our field staff is highly trained in the areas of wetland delineation, assessment, classification, boundary confirmation, and mapping. In addition, CESO ecologists support wetland mitigation tasks in the areas of assessment, design and feasibility.

Our field ecologists conduct qualified threatened and endangered species habitat surveys, utilizing staff members familiar with current U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protocols. CESO’s ecologists are also skilled in stream channel anti anxiety bio-assessment. Additional services include environmental buffer characterization and community inventory, environmental impact assessment, environmental constraints analysis, and unique and sensitive habitat evaluation. Our ecology staff maintains an excellent rapport with state and federal agencies, and actively participates in several professional associations and environmental education programs.

Environmental Services

  • Delineation
  • Mapping
  • Boundary Confirmation
  • Assessment and Classification
  • Impact Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Regulated Waters Impact Permitting
  • Soil Characterization and Mapping
  • Planting Specifications
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Watershed Assessments
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Determinations
  • Habitat Restoration Plans
  • Stream Rapid Bio-assessment
  • Environmental Constraints Analysis
  • Vegetation Inventory
  • Environmental Buffer Mapping
  • Aquatic Resources Inventory

Water Testing Services

  • Pre-Drill and Post-Drill Water Sampling Services
  • Planning and Mapping
  • Landowner Notification
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Report Generation & Permit Preparation