Encino Energy

When the oil and gas boom crossed the Ohio River from western Pennsylvania and West Virginia into Ohio in 2011, CESO was one of the first consulting engineering firms to partner with Encino Energy. Initial efforts were public transportation improvements to the rural eastern Ohio roadways, which were impacted by the increased activity, and blossomed into providing all of Encino's upstream engineering and survey services.


Our engineering, survey, environmental and construction inspections teams have worked hand-in-hand with the Field Services Team to field review and design over 200 locations in eastern Ohio. This working relationship has endured 8 years, dramatic market changes, expanding regulatory rule, fierce deadlines, and even fiercer competition. Design challenges include condensed schedules with frequent modifications, grading and erosion control on steep terrains, earthwork analysis of large volumes and a variety of materials, and navigation of environmental restrictions on construction practices and schedules.