City BBQ

For over 25 years, City Barbeque’s fast-casual concept has drawn in barbeque fans across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US. CESO is proud to partner with the brand on site design services that support its growth initiative to expand its footprint. From new locations to remodels and takeovers, our integrated team provides comprehensive services across many disciplines to meet each site’s fast-paced development schedule.

LOCATION: National Program
MARKETS: Hospitality

To start, our skilled surveyors conduct thorough surveys of each site, gathering precise data on existing conditions, boundaries, and topography. This information guides the design process. Next, our civil engineering team provides a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each location. This includes site analysis, site planning, and securing public approval and entitlements. Our expertise ensures the integration of safe and efficient infrastructure systems that meet local codes and regulations. In addition, our environmental team has assisted with wetland delineation as necessary, and our landscape architects provide each site with landscape and irrigation plans.

Working closely with the brand, we adopt a collaborative approach to meet their unique requirements for each site. Integrating their vision with our technical expertise ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to site services.