CESO offers a wide range of thorough and diligent transportation services encompassing every aspect of roadway and signal design. The CESO team of professional engineers, technicians, draftsmen and surveyors has extensive experience in providing the following transportation services:


    Traffic Engineering

    CESO has provided Traffic Engineering services to both Private and Municipal clients for more than 27 years including:

    • Traffic Impact Studies
    • Interchange Modification/Justification Studies
    • Safety Studies
    • Traffic Signal Design
    • Signing and Pavement Marking Design
    • Highway Lighting
    • Maintenance of Traffic Plans

    Roadway Engineering

    CESO has assembled a staff of engineers and managers, with combined experience of more than 200 years, providing for faster turn-around times and higher efficiency on project designs.  This staff is skilled and has experience in the following areas:

    • Intersection Improvements
    • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment Improvements
    • Widening Improvements
    • Preliminary Layout and Final Design for New Roadways
    • Conceptual Alternative Analyses and Cost Estimating
    • Pavement Design
    • Interchange Design
    • Roundabouts
    • Right-of-way Plan Preparation
    • Culvert and Box Culvert Sizing and Design

    Bike Paths, Trails, and Sidewalks

    Whether your priorities are bringing existing facilities up to current regulations, providing a safe efficient mode of transportation from point A to point B, or providing an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive trail, CESO is able to work with you to ensure your priorities are successfully accomplished.

    • Evaluations for ADA Compliance
    • Preliminary Route Investigation and Development
    • Vertical and Horizontal Design
    • Roadway Crossing Design

    Traffic Counts

    CESO has the tools and staff necessary to collect any traffic data that you may need for your project.

    • Peak Hour and 24-hour Counts
    • Intersection/Driveway Turning Movement Counts
    • Volume Counts
    • Vehicle Classification Counts
    • Speed Studies
    • Pedestrian Counts
    • Origin-destination Studies

    Operations & Maintenance

    As capital infrastructure continues to age and grow throughout the nation, operation and maintenance of that infrastructure becomes a larger and larger task.  CESO’s transportation engineering staff has the skill sets necessary to assist in the following areas:

    • Signal Timing and Optimization
    • Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
    • Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance Programming
    • Transportation Infrastructure Inventories