Project Baja

A One of a Kind Facility

In 2015, Walmart launched Project Baja, a 250,000-sf milk processing plant. Their goal in operating their own plant was to work directly with the dairy supply chain to leverage efficiencies in order to pass savings to customers.

LOCATION: Fort Wayne, Indiana
MARKETS: Industrial

Project Baja

CESO’s involvement in the project was to provide due diligence on a highly confidential project in rural Indiana. By February 2016, we were engaged to provide entitlement and utility availability research. Early spring of 2016 brought the selection of a design-build contractor to the team and the opportunity to integrate them into the progress that had been made to date. Additionally, CESO provided guidance regarding Walmart’s design expectations, systems, and processes despite being a project that was first of its kind to Walmart.

As the project progressed and the scope further expanded, CESO was asked to be the full engineer of record for the entire project. Our team partnered on a daily basis with the project architects and numerous internal Walmart staff to design creative solutions for unique project details such as silos, process water discharge, manned and unmanned control gates, FAA compliance for radio transmission, highly available and redundant infrastructure requirements, super tanker loading, raw product distribution routing, and more.