City of Marysville

SR-31 Roadway Improvements, Phase 3

Roadway widening can increase the capacity of a traffic corridor by adding lanes for vehicles. Not only does this reduce congestion and enhance safety, but it can also support economic growth for a municipality.

LOCATION: Marysville, OH
MARKETS: Public Works

CESO teamed with the City of Marysville, Ohio, on a project involving the widening of 3,500 linear feet of roadway from two travel lanes to four. The project also included a preliminary alternative analysis to confirm the proposed roadway section, which provides for the curb, sidewalk, shared-use path, and street trees. As part of the scope of work, our team designed a new storm sewer that will meet all EPA requirements.

Traffic signal improvements at three intersections were designed, as well as street lighting and a mid-block crossing. The project also included private utility coordination and right-of-way plan development. Construction for this project will conclude in 2024.