Projects Roeslein Alternative Energy

Helping Reshape Renewable Energy Efforts

Roeslein Alternative Energy is a developer of renewable energy production facilities that convert agricultural and industrial wastes, along with renewable biomass feedstocks, to renewable natural gas (RNG) and sustainable co-products.

In what represented a paradigm shift for agriculture, the environment, and wildlife, RAE undertook an endeavor in which the RNG produced from methane captured using covered manure lagoons was injected into the national pipeline for distribution and used across the country. The project’s focus was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, produce RNG, and eliminate the rainfall effects of treatment systems.

This innovative technology was launched to nine Smithfield Hog Production facilities in Northwest Missouri. This region is one of the Midwest's largest concentrations of market hogs, with over two million animals. The hog waste from this project produces approximately 2.2 billion cubic feet of pipeline quality RNG or the equivalent of 17 million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

CESO welcomed the opportunity to support RAE’s commitment to sustainable energy, from conceptual routing and layout to design and permitting. In order to help them make the best decision on how to proceed, our civil engineering team investigated multiple site options for project delivery. All options and analyses took into account upfront capital costs, operation costs, and constraints on the project schedule. Our team then led the design of gas lines and facilities that captured methane from hog waste lagoons which pumped the gas to facilities that converted the methane to natural gas, with the final output being the piping of the natural gas to main lines for distribution. We also performed surveying, environmental efforts, and associated permitting for those activities.