Projects MobilityWorks

Building Trust Through Personalized Care

For anyone facing a mobility issue, the road to independence can be a challenging one. MobilityWorks is committed to making that journey a smoother ride through their focus on better living delivered through solutions that are designed to make lives easier.

Through the process of purchasing accessible vehicles, MobilityWorks differentiates themselves through their quality of care and personalized service. They work with customers to develop an experience custom tailored to each individual - providing assistance through the entire process from start to finish.

CESO is proud to partner with the MobilityWorks team to design spaces that enrich their customer journey through strategically implemented moments of engagement. Through these projects we have been challenged to develop updates to the physical environment that enhance customers overall comfort and ease of experience. Some of these design solutions manifested themselves in a refreshed customer lounge area, with improved visibility and access. Others included a customer fit-out area that allows a better experience for van fittings and increased optimization of the store layout on both the sales and service sides. These updates resulted in better adjacencies on the sales floor as well as increased efficiency in service bay layouts.

Through the evolution of the experience, we are pleased to support MobilityWorks’ efforts to provide their customers the freedom of mobility.