GAIN Clean Fuel

Sustainable Energy Solutions

With the transportation sector responsible for generating the highest greenhouse gas emissions, using alternative fueling options enables fleets to reduce their environmental impact.


Natural gas is one fuel type that addresses a cleaner solution. With a 75% greenhouse gas emission savings, the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) has increased. Additional advantages of natural gas as an alternative fuel include domestic availability, distribution infrastructure, stable fuel costs, and clean-burning attributes.

CESO had the opportunity to partner with GAIN Clean Fuel on a multi-site national program focused on developing CNG fueling stations for numerous anchor logistics companies. The scope of this program included site and fueling system design and site development. Considerations for these stations included site improvements, lighting, and drainage as well as new entry and exit drives, CNG compression compound supporting fast-fill dispensers, canopies, fueling islands, fuel management systems, and signage. The fueling station designs also included provisions for future underground diesel tanks and dispensers on the islands. Additionally, they provided two dual-hose dispensers for 4-drive lanes of fast-fill CNG service with expansion capabilities for an additional dispenser and drive lane.