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CESO provides a variety of Engineering Consultant Services.  As a partner to municipalities, we have a proven track record of successfully managing public and private projects from start to finish.  These relationships and the associated experience provide for mutual cooperation on a wide variety of projects.

Municipal / Government Services


    CESO provides our public clients with safe and efficient designs.  Our team has a wide range of talents in all facets of transportation including roadway design, traffic signals, safety studies and traffic impact analysis.  We have numerous government pre-qualifications that allow us to work in many areas.

    Utility Design

    CESO has designed and implemented a large number of infrastructure projects to accommodate development and/or assist municipalities in expanding their service areas by creating innovative designs that make the best use of public resources and provide sustainability and long term viability.

    Lighting Design

    CESO’s lighting design group specializes in LED Lighting Design.  The lighting industry has been experiencing rapid changes that require specific technical knowledge of photometric calculations, lighting design and performance standards to allow organizations to implement LED lighting projects that positively impact both energy consumption and financial considerations.

    Survey Services

    Our survey personnel recognize that the success of a project begins with accurate information gathered during field investigation.  CESO’s technical edge, combined with continual education and certification of our team members, provides each client with the level of service and accuracy they expect.  CESO’s professional land surveyors utilize the latest technology in survey equipment to supply the best data possible to ensure project success.


    CESO offers a multitude of GIS Solutions to help our retail clients from the planning of new projects to the tracking of existing assets.  Our dedicated GIS professionals have experience in base mapping, planning and zoning, demographic analysis, geologic mapping, land records, post processing, GIS hardware specialization, site selection, and facility and asset management.