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Midstream Oil and Gas

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CESO has a growing reputation in the mid-stream arena.  From the initial stages of land surveys, RUMA and permit preparation, and throughout the construction phase, the CESO team is devoted to being involved and effectively responding to issues as they arise in the field.  CESO has the proven ability to coordinate with clients and governmental agencies to effectively and ethically meet client goals.

Midstream Oil and Gas

    Survey Services

    Our survey personnel recognize that the success of a project begins with accurate information gathered during field investigation.  CESO’s technical edge, combined with continual education and certification of our team members, provides each client with the level of service and accuracy they expect.  CESO’s professional land surveyors utilize the latest technology in survey equipment to supply the best data possible to ensure project success.

    Roadway Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMAs) & Other Permits

    CESO works closely with County Engineers, Township Officials, and DOT personnel throughout the shale plays to create, submit and negotiate Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMAs) and other permits as required.

    Environmental Services

    CESO has a multi-disciplined staff specializing in the areas of environmental science, ecology, biology, botany, forest resources and soil science to name a few.  Our field staff is highly trained in the areas of wetland delineation, assessment, classification, boundary confirmation, and mapping.  In addition, CESO ecologists support wetland mitigation tasks in the areas of assessment, design and feasibility.

    Pipeline Route Planning & Design

    CESO has experience and understands the nature of this iterative process.  The CESO team collects all field information including civil design, environmental data, mechanical specifications and survey data to provide the optimum final route for construction.

    Compressor Station Design

    CESO’s design team can orchestrate a compressor pad project from the initial site walk thru the final design and permitting process. Our team is also available to provide project management throughout the construction phase.

    Construction Management

    CESO’s construction management team immediately becomes engaged at the initiation of a project.  We provide constructability, budget and schedule insight which can reduce costs and improve safety.  During the construction phase, our full time supervision team is on-site, monitoring work to assure compliance with specifications, budget and schedule. 


    CESO offers a multitude of GIS Solutions to help our retail clients from the planning of new projects to the tracking of existing assets.  Our dedicated GIS professionals have experience in base mapping, planning and zoning, demographic analysis, geologic mapping, land records, post processing, GIS hardware specialization, site selection, and facility and asset management.