Restaurant Navigation Through the Generations

The restaurant industry is incredibly adaptive. From curbside pickup and patio preferences to ghost kitchens and pop-up dining, brands continue to find innovative ways to improve the on-and off-site experiences for their guests. In addition, restaurants are coming up with creative ways to boost customer engagement and loyalty.

Restaurants face an additional challenge compared to other business models because they also need to target multiple demographics. Demographics are the characteristics of a population that have been categorized by distinct criteria—such as age—as a means to study the attributes of a particular group. The evolving demographics of America, including the changing life stages among them, is one of the key factors driving the shift in consumers’ eating behaviors and how they prefer to dine. Therefore, brands should determine what segment of consumers they serve, understand their desires, and learn about the experiences that appeal to them. Download our report Restaurant Navigation Through the Generations to learn how restaurant owners can better cater to these specific but divergent customer bases.

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