Key Takeaways From The Car Wash Show

Associates from our Automotive Convenience team recently attended The Car Wash Show in Nashville, Tennessee. This event provides wash operators with valuable insights on the latest industry trends by bringing together owners, managers, and decision-makers from the car wash, quick lube, and detailing segments. Our team attended a session hosted by Jeff Gheysens and Bob Fox titled "What to Consider When Looking for Commercial Property." Their presentation covered the key factors in selecting a site for a car wash, including essential considerations and potential pitfalls.

Understand the Local Market and Customer Base:
Conduct thorough demographic research to ensure sufficient demand in the area.

Location Visibility and Accessibility:
Choose properties with good visibility and accessibility from major roads to attract more customers.

Evaluate the Competitive Landscape:
Identify nearby competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses to effectively position your new business.

Confirm Infrastructure Suitability:
Ensure the property has adequate water and power supply and the necessary permits for car wash operations.

Consider the Property's Future Growth Potential:
Evaluate zoning laws and potential neighborhood changes that could impact the business positively or negatively over time.

Work with Experienced Professionals:
Partner with specialists in commercial properties to navigate the complexities of acquiring and developing a site for a car wash.

CESO has partnered with leading brands on car wash programs. By aiding our clients in prioritizing upfront due diligence for their projects, we have helped them uncover significant cost and entitlement issues before pursuing and investing in a site. Our team’s early involvement enables us to better serve our clients by swiftly reviewing potential sites and assessing project feasibility. Initial site investigation services, including a conceptual site plan and an initial site investigation (ISI), are essential to mitigate risk. As the feasibility of a site is further assessed, a detailed site investigation report (SIR) is be conducted by our team to pave the way for successful development. To read more about our work in the automotive convenience market, click here.

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