ICSC Florida Recap

The dynamic landscape of commercial and retail development took center stage at the recent ICSC Florida conference, where industry leaders gathered with strategic partners such as CESO to explore emerging trends. The event was a hub of innovation and insights that promise to shape the future of commercial and retail development in the region. In this conference recap, we highlight the key takeaways from our Business Development Director, Mike Pothast, that will impact the region's commercial and retail development sectors.

1. What's Old is New Again

Carrie Smith, the ICSC Program Advisory Committee Vice Chair and Senior Vice President of Franklin Street, "Retailer Runway” session featured 20 growth-minded retailers from QSR, fitness, health & wellness, and entertainment brands. They discussed desired real estate and their intended growth over the following years. This session did not disappoint, as there are still a large number of retailers evaluating existing real estate in the market generated by retail bankruptcy and closures for conversion to new uses. There is less focus on ground-up new construction retail but on growth opportunities through transformation and takeover locations of existing real estate. Architects and engineers transform old real estate locations into thriving commercial retail spaces through a comprehensive process that encompasses design, construction, sustainability, and client collaboration.

2. Divergent Thinking
There was also discussion about thinking outside of the box regarding how to partner with retailers, such as helping to make connections between developers and brands. Emphasis was on issues such as evaluating top-tier sites, acting as intermediaries, and leveraging expertise to connect commercial retailers with developers. At CESO, we facilitate these partnerships by offering insights, design solutions, and ongoing support to create successful retail spaces within development projects. Take advantage of and share extensive industry connections, allowing to introduce retailers to developers with suitable projects and vice versa.

We look forward to the opportunities in Florida and growth in the market. For more information on how CESO is helping shape the future of commercial and retail development, please reach out.

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