News CESO Welcomes Roy Blessing

We are pleased to announce that Roy Blessing has joined CESO in the role of Senior Program Director. Recognized as an industry leader in project and program management for large retail clients such as BP, Sunoco, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Jiffy Lube, Roy’s 40-plus years of experience, combined with degrees in architecture as well as civil engineering, have bolstered his ability to focus on the larger picture. This mindset will allow the organization to implement new strategies for our clients in helping them achieve their objectives.

Roy believes that every client has a dream to be realized. To that end, by providing leadership and inspiration he will help guide the efforts of our multi-disciplinary teams in bringing that dream to life through the inception, development, and manifestation of highly innovative efficiencies and standards. For many of his former clients, he was instrumental in leading significant program initiatives - serving as a guide that could make recommendations for better outcomes or optimized resources when moving a project from A to Z. Roy is also a demonstrated leader who understands how to steer a team to bring out their best while maintaining focus.

He explained, “To me, a partner means working hard, listening closely, and being a leader by providing recommendations and guidance when needed as well as bringing a can-do attitude to all challenges whether big or small.”

Roy is well known for working with a high level of passion – motivating teams to enjoy doing their best. His impressive communication skills keep the emphasis on client requirements, including program schedules and budgets, while his enthusiastic manner conveys his excitement in a job well done. When asked what his secret sauce for cultivating successful relationships has been, he identified the key ingredients as humor, empathy, courtesy, and consideration.

“I count myself lucky to work with such tremendous talent and to be part of such great chemistry at CESO,” says Roy. “What we offer our clients is a winning attitude as well as a vested interest in the success of their programs. When a client sees the force of our combined talents, we deliver a truly great solution that not only meets the program criteria but of which everyone is proud.”

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