News A Servant's Heart Knows No Borders

Earlier this fall, Project Engineer, Taylor Cline of CESO Akron, traveled to Kolkata, India to serve with Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta (EMC), who partners with Engineering Ministries International (eMi); a non-profit organization that seeks to utilize the skills and experience of design professionals to provide development solutions for areas of the world with the highest needs. eMI’s multidisciplinary teams collaborate with their client ministries to design culturally-appropriate facilities - such as hospitals, schools, and water systems - that are sustainable, affordable and transformational. Through this organization, Taylor was part of a team that developed the phase-one conceptual design of the brand-new Anandology: Integrated Child Development Centre; an “adobe of joy” purposed to provide a safe environment for child addicts and at-risk youth – a staggering problem in Kolkata and India as a whole.

The Anandology project has proven to demand many skills, both professionally and personally, in order to achieve success. Tapping into her engineering roots, Taylor assisted her team in performing a simple survey – (completed by a drone) and site grading, as well as drainage, water, wastewater, and cost-estimates for the project. Taylor credited her faith, heart, and passion for missions as essential tools skills to help her to prepare for this project, as trips with eMi are more than just completing a physical design; they are also intended to design a world of hope through aiding others spiritual growth through discipleship

A highlight of Taylor’s adventure was an outing the team decided to take to the existing Anandology Rescue and Rehabilitation Home in order for the architects to better understand the layout for their conceptual design. It had been a long day filled with discouraging setbacks, but Taylor admitted that one particular event of that day put everything into perspective. “As we were describing all of the features that the new Anandology campus will entail, the children’s’ faces just lit up with joy and excitement. This particular experience made me realize that even when I felt defeated, I was there for a reason.”

Taylor is thankful her CESO team back home encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and undertake this project. While Taylor served the community in Kolkata, a few younger CESO engineers gained the opportunity to pick up her projects and grow their skills. “With my absence, I believe it gave our younger engineers the ability to expand their teamworking skills, grow in their confidence, and become stronger leaders.” Taylor said.

Through this journey, Taylor hopes to encourage and point more individuals toward not only the work that eMi is doing, but also toward the overarching mission of CESO – finding purpose through serving others. “These trips change you in ways you’d never expect. After seeing how little others have, it really puts things into perspective. Seeing the joy that people gain from what little they have, blossoms a heart of gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings that we’ve been given. Disconnecting from the world and engaging in another culture is refreshing and illuminating and ultimately reminds you what the primary purpose of our lives really is – to love one another.”

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