Sara Krampe, PWS

Environmental Manager

Protecting the environment is a key CESO priority. In her role, Sara helps preserve natural resources for tomorrow while facilitating projects that benefit our communities today. She specializes in coordinating compliance for Section 401/404 of the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act for energy, commercial development/ re-development, and residential projects. Through utilization of both her environmental knowledge as well as her project management abilities, Sara leads our environmental team in helping our clients manage environmental liabilities, regulatory obligations, risk management, and environmental stewardship.

What led you to this profession: Growing up, I really enjoyed doing anything outdoors with my dad. I knew early on that I wanted a career that allowed me the ability to be outdoors working within the environment.

What is the hardest part of environmental work:
There's a stigma in working with the environment that you cannot be pro-energy or pro-development. This couldn't be further from the truth, as we enjoy using sound science to ensure that our clients are in compliance with environmental regulations. Overcoming that stigma is challenging.

What is your favorite part of environmental work:
I really enjoy the variety of projects that we get to contribute to. Our specialties apply to just about any industry and we've done a lot of work in markets such as commercial, energy, residential, land development, etc. Having the ability to touch so many different projects keeps the work fresh and interesting.

What is the biggest challenge that the environmental industry is facing today:
Keeping up with changing regulations. There's a political aspect to the environmental industry, so regulations are often viewed and enforced differently by different administrations - at both the state and national level.

What are some trends that you see on the horizon for the environmental industry:
This is a growing field. There's going to be some initiatives in renewable resources for energy within the industry and I also see a lot of opportunity in aspects such as sustainability and redevelopment of formerly contaminated sites.

Are there any technology/processes that differentiate CESO as a leader in the environmental industry:
Technology is ever evolving, so ensuring that our processes are as digital as possible allows our clients greater access to the data we create. Using databases, apps, and real-time technology creates more immediate access and less lag time.

Do you have a favorite book:
I really enjoyed The girl with a Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larsson. True crime and mystery genres are my favorite but I'm also currently interested in the learning about the English Monarchy so I've been reading up on the Tudors.

Best advice you could give to up and coming leaders:
Seek to understand different communication styles and personality types. Being able to effectively communicate with multiple different people is essential in leadership.

What’s your favorite weekend hobby:
I have a horse, so I really enjoy horseback riding. But really, participating in any outdoor activity.

What’s your favorite travel/vacation spot:
Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. It's close to home but you get a little bit of everything. You can enjoy the beaches on the lake, boating, hiking, etc. My family loves to spend time there.