Walmart & Sam’s Club – New Sites, Renovations, and Expansions

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Client: Walmart, Inc.

CESO’s involvement begins at the concept level for Walmart, working with Walmart’s Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Managers to assess the viability of possible sites.  From conceptual development, CESO takes the chosen site through the government approval process, providing public relations support to Walmart’s own PR department.  Most projects require extensive civil design including infrastructure design, transportation studies, environmental impact studies, roadway design, NPDES storm water management as well as site development.  CESO, Inc. has provided civil engineering design services for Walmart in the construction of over 1000 Walmart new stores and expansion stores over the last 20+ years of working successfully with Walmart.

CESO also provides architectural design and project management services for Walmart and Sam’s Club remodels and expansions.  This includes direct experience and staff experience in full store design for hundreds of locations throughout the United States.