Signalized Intersections – Warren County, Ohio

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CESO was hired for the design of several signalized intersections in Warren County. Several of the following locations were reviewed by ODOT and implemented in closed loop signal systems. In addition, several of the following locations had to be coordinated via time-based coordination or via hard wire interconnect. CESO utilized either Transyt 7-F or Syncro signal timing and coordination programs to coordinate the proposed signals: Mason Montgomery Road & Fields-Ertel Road, Mason Montgomery Road & Socialville Foster Road, Mason Montgomery Road & Natorp Boulevard, Mason Montgomery Road and Proctor & Gamble Main Entrance, Mason Montgomery Road & Relocated Socialville Foster Road, Mason Montgomery Road & Irwin Simpson Road, Kings Island Drive & Columbia Road, I-71 & Columbia Road, Kings Mills Road & Kings Island Drive, Kings Mills Road & Columbia Road, & Columbia Road & Irwin Simpson Road.